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Today, two things

Mis à jour : 27 janv. 2020

1- The value of musical art.

2- The agencies mafia.

1- The value of musical art. When we call "music" what it sounds like is because we use this term to something that has rhythm, compass and harmony. Everything can have its value, but when it means art over music, that is, music as a tool taken to the cultural artistic level (since "artistic" can also be referred to any number in a scene and therefore does It is necessary to add the "cultural" because it already gives another category, such as what was formerly called "mastery", this term applied here to classical musicians and bullfighters), then we enter much higher ratings. Why? The clearest example is found in the painting. In the great auctions the paintings of certain painters have a very high price. What are these pictures supposed to be worth so much? ART with capital letters.

The same thing happens in music, or if they allow me, much more so much more. What a painter of such stature of which he commented can be supposed to paint a painting (where there is a lot of speculation) is not the same as what a great composer is supposed to compose a musical work, or yes, it depends on some cases , but far from what it can cost an interpreter to make the version of the century.

The version of the century can mean many years, many hours, a lot of sacrifice, high (specific) physical conditions, a great risk, a mentalization as in the Olympics to an athlete, an incredible and developed talent, endless miracles, some Awesome studies and technology.

The value of musical art therefore requires that someone with the necessary capacity give it the value. Not everyone can give it courage, because not everyone has the capacity, or preparation, or talent or skills. And all these qualities are absolutely necessary and in a high degree to be able to exercise the position of expert appraiser of the great musical Art. Even graduates and professionals do not usually reach that required level, because to value the great Art they also have to live within that world.

We watch TV shows where many pride themselves on possessing the truth about true art, but neither do they believe it. Honestly, only a privileged few in this world can reach it. Very few.

What value can a first-class musical art work have? Incalculable. You can easily beat any painting of the most sought-after painter in history. For what has been said above and because many philosophers, thinkers, scholars, have written down that Music is the greatest Art that exists on earth, always referring to the music of a few Geniuses.

2- The agencies mafia. What are we today, and for many years ago? Well, this field so difficult to measure and to know, that nobody really knows, has been a niche to house true manipulative gangsters, worse caciques than the tyrants that the world has known, since they have created a circuit of collusion and business which has to be managed / exploited by them and nothing more than them. In this way the concept of Art vanishes and becomes something else very different, simply a business. It has invested in brands, names, advertising, hidden interests, etc., which does not come to mind that nobody else enters the circuit if it is not with drops and backed by certain policies, to the detriment of the personality of the artists.


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